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    Quote me before proceeding over $17

    Proceed up to $60, and quote me if its more

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    What will you use it for

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    Our definitions:

    Embroidery : Reduce embroidery unfriendly details and gradients for a better reference file for digitizing.

    Vinyl Cutting : Create clean non intersecting lines With closed objects. Halftones are not recommended.

    Laser Engraving : Reduce fine details and thickens faint lines.

    Lapel Pins/Emblems : Isolates each color with a metal border for enamel color filling.

    Diamond Drag : Clean non intersecting lines with closed objects.

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    Fill all white space with stitching

    If your design has white, or negative space in it, we recommend filling those areas with stitching. Filling these areas will help prevent puckering, and give you a cleaner looking embroidery. However, filling these areas may increase the stitchcount.

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    We will re-quote if the stitch count is higher then you authorized.

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    NOTE: Custom sewouts are only available for jobs under 20000 stitches. You can pick up to 12 thread colors from our selection. A $10 fee will be added to your total.

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    Special Flat/Cap Combination Pricing: If you get a left chest sized file you can get the same image set-up for hats for only. Click the button on the next page to start your hat project. $15
    Different Fabric Pricing :
    Upto two different fabric types are included in the standard pricing of an initial digitizing order. Each additional thereafter, or any requested after the order is completed, are $5 each.
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